We are all such “Douches”, come join us, won’t you?

Here at totaldouche blog, we celebrate total douche behavior. It’s not a bad thing, because we believe everyone has a little douche inside them. With that said, we only douche people we like and love. So if you think you are a douche and don’t see yourself on this blog, that is because you are probably a dick. And that’s what we are not about.

Furthermore,  it’s not uncommon for people, who at one point were deemed perfectly normal, to fall into the abyss of totaldouchedom.  Tough love from family and friends is essential to help totaldouches realize this.  Sadly, totaldouches normally don’t always realize their douchie ways… That’s why here at totaldouche blog we expose and embrace total douchie behavior in hopes of creating self-awareness to all those in denial. So for the rest of us who know what douches we can be, consider yourself douched and “Viva la Douche!”. Let’s have some fun!



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