Pre or post douche?


2 Responses

  1. This guy is such a douche

    • douche in more ways than one, from the look on his face, his pose, the way the light reflects off his sweaty douche forehead (or perhaps the predator has switched his laser site over to white laser lighting instead of red? lol) down to the biggest douche (or is that pervert fag) moment, taking the picture in a mens toilet, and not only that obviously sending the pic out of some guy taking a leek with no doubt not asking his permission.

      super mega douche level + +

      Damn if another guy pulls out his camera (or pulls anything out that aint aimed at a urinal) while I am in there, he best have life insurance. The only bigger douche is whomever started this trend of putting camera’s into everything and every where and decided taking photo’s of everything at every moment was cool. They are the douche supreme.

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